Thursday, November 8, 2007

Parents and Internet-Using Teens
2 Cents Worth

"Parents and Internet-Using Teens" is about the one thing every teen hates the most about what our parents do. We hate them checking up on and regulating our media use. It talks about how parnets are constantly checking what we view and do on the internet as well as t.v. and video games. As of today, 87% of parents or 17% more than regular adults are online, meaning they have accounts or check up frequently with their kids media use, not consumption. It says that these parents arn't necissarily concerned that the internet has been harmful to their children but that it has had some effect one way or another.

It would be intersting to see what effects these parents think the internet have on us. Are they good or bad? Do they have something to do with how our future will turn out or just random events? I predict they're concerned with our futures, not so much just anything happening. If it is our futures, I think it's terrific how the majority of our parents care enough where we carry in life to get involved with us. But then again, parents across the globe could encounter the idea that it's okay to invade our personal space and in the end, become controlling and so overwhelmed with knowing what we are up to 24/7. If this were to occur, I don't know what I would do or how I would react.

As a child of two caring parents, I can relate to the majority of teenagers. My parents can be a little nosey every so often but for the most part tend to respect my wishes and leave me alone becasue they trust me. This brings up another wonderful point. If kids were more trustworthy, parents would lay off and relax more.

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