Thursday, November 1, 2007

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2 Cents Worth

"Measures for Success" is an excellent article composed by Mr. Warlick about the success of the "No Child Left Behind" program which requires all student to master basic literacy and numeracy skills. I never knew exactly what this program accomplished so I decided to read deeper into the text.

Mr. Warlick traveled out to Green Country, North Carolina to observe how the program is developing with random students. I'm pleased to hear he set out to a random school to observe rather than one he was already fully aware about. During his visit he came across some remarkable statistics. An individual that stood out to me was that prior to the invested program, only 26% of the students continued their learning career passed high school. After the "No Child Left Behind" acted into the environment of the school in 2006, 79% of seniors had already been accepted to college. The following year, it ascended to 84%. When I heard this mind-boggling statistic, I was bewildered to realize this program was that sufficient in leading students to be more successful individuals. This made me think deeper. If this school had outstanding performance after the act came upon them, are other schools around the country equivalent with the situation as far as learning? Is this new program manditory for every state to teach? If I was forced to answer my questions I would have to say others schools are right on track with Green Country and I'm almost positive it is taught throughout the country.

Once shock swifted out of my system, I established new thoughts more toward the direction of why this even matters. My first obvious thought was that if every student has the equality of this program then our world could be even further advanced than we are now. We could be a smarter group as a whole to aid in solving world problems such as killing diseases like cancer and possibly even war. If war were stopped today and world peace was sort out, it would inevitably lead to longer existence of humans in general.

Additionally to the world relief of a smarter and more successful population, this effects me individually as well. I may have already learned the basics of literacy and numeracy skills a lengthy time ago but I thought that if I never would have comprehended these, I would have absolutley no chance in having a successful life (as I know many kids in third world countries havn't been taught).

Just think, if only one simple program was created so easily with such a dramatic effect, could they develop even more efficient ones to save our human race and prevent our own destruction?

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