Thursday, October 25, 2007

Education Blog 5

"Third World America" is an article in 2 Cents Worth about how Mr. Warlick believes America will become a third world country in a matter of decades and may even have started right now. This week, I'm not going to side with Mr. Warlick. I decided to choose this article because I strongly disagree with him for once. I just don't see America becoming or even starting to become a third world country like Ethiopia or India. With all our technology and great inventions while considering how far ahead we are compared to these countries with our development, there is no way our nation will turn into that. I mean, these countries don't even have electricity in some regions for gosh sakes, let alone the astonishing technology we possess! Just because some small regions of the U.S. are following others doesn't mean our whole country is going down. I think these areas would get caught up quicker if anything because we have each others backs. I sense the President would get involved and work extra hard to bring these sections up to date by making sure they'd obtain food, water, and the latest technology, the rest of the United States is sharing. I guess I don't understand why he thinks that a few regions could bring everything down with them. Does he consider the opposite way I do about the rest of our nation picking each other up? Does he assume it would crash our society?

I continued over-looking these questions and it dug up the true reason why I disagree with him. It was on the tip of my tounge but it came to me that I was more upset about how that was in a way, an egotisctic statement. I belive this because we should be so grateful for how fortunate our country is and saying that we might become a third world country is just obsurd and ridiculous.

If the countries around the world think we are a bunch of selfish people worrying about something so incappable of happening, they might turn against us and maybe create another world war. If it were to progress enough, I sense Americans would turn on each other after following the world's opinions. I know this has upset me slightly so there has to be others that agree with my thoughts.

I know America has contributed with helping those less fortunate countries in many ways, I just hope we won't make a scene about this topic.

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