Thursday, October 11, 2007

Education Blog 4

"Loads of Bloggers" by Dave Warlick in 2 Cents brielfy summarizes how many bloggers are known in this world. It says we've reached over 100,000 bloggers from this past week. This article may not be very long but I just think it's wonderful how is becoming such a well known and used website for sharing and exchanging ideas. I love how anyone is welcome to post what they've learned or feel like expressing anytime with no downsides. Plus, it's a great way to spend free time in a constructive way.
Before this year, I had never heard of "blogging" before. When my teacher first told us that we would be posting our responses about critical thinking from articles, I was wondering what the heck is blogging? Once I got familiar with this technique I began to really go deep into these blogs and actually enjoy them very much. They have helped me evolve into a better writer just by posting a few. In addition, I have developed my brain to think more critically and open mindedly.
Now, I think it's awesome that my teacher has opened up this path to me and my classmates for writing critically and analyzing purposes. If more teachers and schools around the world would pass on the wonderful world of blogging, think of how socially advanced we would be as humans. We could learn to critically analyze situations around us and decide the best solution just from performing a simple task such as blogging. My main questions are how smart could we really become? Could our world population's IQ rise? My guess would be that we would become smarter the farther we pushed ourselves.

This got me thinking a little bit more. It might be slightly off topic but I believe if everyone around the world began blogging, our ideas would be passed around and built upon each other creating strong thoughts that would help save the human race. An example is maybe a new idea for fuel or world peace opinions.
Overall, I'm just glad that blogger is making progress in becoming a world-wide known topic that everyone is involved in.

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