Thursday, October 11, 2007

World News Blog 4

"Boy, 14, Seized in Plot to Open Fire at School" is from Google News and posted br Jon Hurlde and Ian Urbina. Once again, another terrible plot was designed to attack a school. However, this boy was only 14. In Philadelphia on wednesday night, theis boy was arested for plotting an attack. It's said that police found a 9-millimeter assault rifle, dozens of authentic-looking BB and air guns, and seven hand grenades he was making.
Officials say that the most likey reason he planned this assault was because he was bullied in the years of attending that school. This brings up a good topic. Bullying should really be taken care of at schools around the world because of things like this. You never know what kids are thinking these days or what they're going to do. In other words, they're unpredictable. I am flustered with how many different incidents there are today with kids around the world trying to pull off "Columbine Attacks." It's a shame that these poor kids try to reach out with violence thinking it's the only way to solve problems. This leaves me in a cliff hanger wondering is it going to happen at our school? Will I be the innocent victim to be killed? It's questions like these that really keep me consious about what I say to others. That old quote " keep your friends close but your enemies closer," is beginning to make sense to me.
I speculate how many lives could be saved from controlling bullying or other reasons that kids would plot such horrible things. I bet it would be in the thousands every year. Those are thousands of individuals who have feelings, thoughts, people who care about them that could be successful and live a happy life.

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Sean J. said...

Dillon, your blog was really good. You brought up some good issues on bullying and violence in schools. I agree with you that schools should work to crack down on bullying. I also agreed with you when you said you were frustrated with kids who try and reach out with violence, and think that it solves their problems.